Writing an accomplishment driven resume

While looking 10 years back, what would you see?

Writing an accomplishment driven resume

Your prior work experience shows the potential employer how you made a difference for your past employers. This section serves as your opportunity to emphasize your qualifications for the job you want. Keep the following statement in the front of your mind: This section must be relevant to your target position.

Ask yourself, "How does my work experience relate to what the employer wants? The job description outlines the responsibilities, qualifications and requirements of the job.

writing an accomplishment driven resume

If the job description lacks details or if you don't have access to it, search online for other job descriptions with the same job title. The closer your resume matches the job description, the better your chances to be considered for the job. However, don't just copy the job description into your resume.

It will be obvious to the hiring manager that you copied.

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Your resume must reflect that you are capable of meeting the employer's needs. Here's another statement to keep in mind: This section must reflect your accomplishments and results. Emphasize your skills and accomplishments to show the hiring manager how you will add value to the position, based on your job experience.

Show them the results of your work performance that relate directly or indirectly to the job you want. Before we move on, allow me to remind you of two important factors of the work experience section: It must be as relevant to your target position as possible.

It must reflect your accomplishments, not just a list of duties. I'll show you how…. What does it look like? Include the following information for each of your previous employers If there are gaps in your employment dates, be prepared to explain them in a job interview or explain them in your cover letter.

Major accomplishments and results that you have achieved at each of your previous jobs. However, I highly recommend bullet points because they are easier to follow. Start each bullet point with an action word. Action words give the impression that you will take initiative.

State major accomplishments and results. List the most important accomplishments first. Exclude information that is not relevant to the job you want. Sprinkle in keywords from the job description so that you are speaking the employer's language.

If you held more than one position at the same company, list each job title separately under the company name, and follow each job title with its own bullet points.Select Your Resume Service. We offer a wide variety of resume and job search services to ensure your specific needs are met.

Please review our tiers of resume writing services and select the project most appropriate to your career. Financial Coordinator: SUMMARY Responsible for providing technical support to the Finance Manager in areas of reconciling and reporting the results of events held by the Friends of NRA program.

writing an accomplishment driven resume

Most people spend all of their resume talking about everyday job duties - and they fail to stand out because plenty of other resumes are full of those same duties. Writing an Accomplishment Driven Resume An accomplishment driven resume focuses on your proven history of exceeding expectations placed on you in school, work, athletics and other endeavors related to your targeted job so that employers are not saying this about your resume.

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How to Write Accomplishments on Your Resume