It process practices in kenya

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It process practices in kenya

Cite Harvard Stanley, M. IT Process Practices in Kenya. Chicago Stanley, Mwangi Chege. These activities include development and maintenance of applications, supporting infrastructure e. All of these activities have some dependency among each other.

Information Technology processes is a practice of ensuring that IT organization serves the needs of the business in a systematic manner so that good performance of the enterprise is guaranteed. It is a set of practices and procedures brought together in unison to ensure IT alignment with business needs.

Type of such processes, amount of devoted resources and its total number employees involved might vary from one firm to another based on the scale and the emphasis of that firm. Whether you are a Global 1, organization, or you are managing a single PC at home, there is always some set of processes to be managed properly.

More and more organizations are leveraging on IT to bring about innovative ways of competing in the industry. IT is being seen as an enabler and driver of business.

It process practices in kenya

Some organizations have been employing proven IT process frameworks to help align IT with business for improved business performance. Luftman, Managing Information Technology Resources, 3rd edition, We can see from the above diagram that in order to address IT processes in a coherent fashion, the processes are categorized into three distinguishing layers for added clarity.

It process practices in kenya

The first layer is the strategic layer. The second layer is the tactical layer. The tactical layer consists of IT processes that work towards achieving the strategic goals.

The third layer is the operational layer. IT processes that comprise the third layer deal with day-to-day production activities.

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These processes affect the maintenance and monitoring of services, systems, applications and networks. Here, processes that involve training, staffing, accounting, scheduling and administration are included. The list of 38 processes comprises all of the planning, organizational and administrative processes that are required to effectively and efficiently manage IT Luftman, By categorizing IT processes into above-given three layers, it is easier to see the interdependencies among IT functions.

For example, it is apparent that the strategic layer influences the tactical layer by changing the services, technologies, tools and methodologies those are applied in the tactical processes. As an additional consequence, new services, technologies, tools and methodologies also affect the operational level by changing the requirements of staff, their training and job functions.

As the tactical processes are completed and moved to production, there is a visible impact of the operational layer in adding or subtracting schedules, changes and maintenance processes. It is also easier to see the interdependencies of IT processes in this layer.

For example, processes such as problem control, change control, production scheduling and service evaluation may discover problems happening in production areas and require interactions between those processes to resolve these issues Luftman, IT Process Practices in Kenya Stanley Mwangi Chege Head QA, Co-operative Bank of Kenya E-mail: [email protected] Abstract: IT processes are the functions and duties that Information Technology (IT) performs.

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