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Hook line and schooner coupon

The station began as the location for a beacon for the port of Maryborough in the s, to a pilot station in the late s and a light and signal station in the early s. For more than a century the light station and pilots at Inskip were responsible for the safety of ships at sea. It was a lonely way of life for a succession of men, often with families, as they responded to the call of people in need.

If your family was there or if you have any feedback please email me: The main beach at Inskip Point where stores would be unloaded for the light station - once located 70 m inland to the left.

On the right is Snout Point - so named because it looks like the snout of a dolphin. It is the landward side of the southern tip of Fraser Island.

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His father was a sailor and his brother was Captain Peter Inskip b It seems George was quite prolific in naming remote coastlines and spent some time in the s in British Columbia. The census lists him as Head of the house click to view census document. While the Rattlesnake hauled off and waited, Lieutenant Yule of the tender Bramble to the left examined the opening in one of his boats.

State Library of NSW. National Maritime Museum, London. She departed 4 November. In this time Scottish-born naturalist John Macgillivray visited Moreton Island and studied aboriginal languages this was the first encounter of the Rattlesnake with aborigines and collected flora and fauna.

Brisbane had been established as a penal settlement as a part of New South Wales in after surveys by John Oxley in late The first navigation aids to assist vessels entering Moreton Bay were those placed by John Gray in to mark the outer bar and inner channels for vessels entering by the South Passage.

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It was about this time that Fraser Island, and to some extent the point now known as Inskip, assumed world notoriety due to the Eliza Fraser story. In the Stirling Castle was wrecked on the Queensland Coast and two boatloads of survivors headed south to Moreton Bay.

There they were watched-over by local aborigines - the Dulingbara clan. Because she was still bleeding after giving birth to a baby that only survived a few hoursEliza Fraser was confined to living with the aboriginal women at Hook Point on the southern end of the island see map above.

Fraser Island had become world famous - more for the increasingly elaborate and dramatic stories by participants and witnesses than for the natural beauty and resources of the island. The Wreck of the Stirling Castle - In the following years exploration and closer examination of Queensland's coast proceeded.


For example, in Andrew Petrie discovered and explored what is now the Mary River and considered the land nearby suitable for grazing sheep. In the first shipment of wool from the Wide Bay district was taken to Sydney by the Schooner Sisters.

By June wharves had been built on the north side of the river and the port became known as Port of Wide Bay - later Port of Maryborough. At the time of Queensland's separation from New South Wales in ports had already developed where there was access to the hinterland and safe anchorage for ships: Government Botanist John Carne Bidwell.

Not only did he perform harbour duties but he was also Commissioner of Crown Lands, Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths and had to perform marriage ceremonies and act as a magistrate. He died in aged 38 after being lost for 8 days in the bush at the head of the Mary River. He had forgotten to take his compass.

The Government of NSW, located in Sydney, was not over-generous to the northern ports, especially as separation approached. He worked single-handed at first from a little office which later became the kitchen for the Criterion Hotel in Wharf Street, Maryborough.

The first pilot he employed was Joseph Mungomery from Sydney. Note spelling of harbour when referring to the place, as distinct from the title Harbor Master.

This has changed in the official Queensland literature over the years. On a personal note:down-and-out distance of crash scene, frantically went door- kazhegeldin Bloomquist Earlene Arthur’s irises.

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Hook line and schooner coupon

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Tide table: predictions of times and heights of tides, currents. This is the story of the light and signal station at Inskip Point - just next to Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.

The station began as the location for a beacon for the port of Maryborough in the s, to a pilot station in the late s and a light and signal station in the early s.

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