Csr in foxconn

In this profile he is responsible to create the network architecture blueprint to seamlessly move to a multi technology, data centric and customer experience aware network which is closer to the customer and dynamically adapts itself for the best user experience. He leads a team focusing on advocacy for industry issues. He held leadership roles in Ericsson India, was on the executive board of India operations and handled diverse roles in Marketing, Strategy, Sales, Technical Solutions, Communications, Corporate affairs and Business Development. He made significant contributions to the global strategy formulation for the group.

Csr in foxconn

CSR pertains to the social and environmental concerns in the community in which a given company operates, and in the communities that are linked to a given company. Moreover, when a company reaches out to the community and involves its workers in the betterment of that community -- through volunteerism and other acts of generosity -- CSR becomes a winning idea for the company's stakeholders including customers, employees, board members and shareholders.

According to the European Union's definition of Corporate Social Responsibilityone of the key goals is to "…identify, prevent and mitigate possible adverse impacts which enterprises may have on society" www.

In Csr in foxconn paper the main subject concerns the seriously adverse impacts relating to the Foxconn company -- which manufactures technology products for Apple in China. This paper takes the position that the terrible track record that Foxconn has shown cannot be sustained Csr in foxconn Apple should sever its relations with Foxconn and bring its manufacturing operations back to the United States.

Foxconn, Apple, and Chinese Employees Because the internationally accepted values of CSR have been so widely accepted and in many cases practiced, it was something of a shock when news stories began to be published that pointed out some serious, troubling problems with the Foxconn operations in China.

Americans and other technology consumers around the world have been shown a positive picture of Apple products, and Apple recently was named the wealthiest technology corporation in the world, bigger than IBM and other large corporation.

However, an article in the Guardian Chamberlain, reports that a "spate of suicides" occurred in the Foxconn plant in Shenzhen, China. In May,seven Chinese workers all young -- who were building Apple iPads for consumers worldwide -- took their own lives.

What was the cause of their serious emotional and psychological problems that caused them to commit suicide? And how could a technology giant like Apple allow a subcontractor to treat employees so inhumanely?

If these allegations are true it is unconscionable and outrageous. The article mentions an investigation into the cause of the suicides that was conducted by two non-governmental organizations NGOsand they reported that the workers at the Foxconn plant were being "exploited" and that they were living "a dismal life" Chamberlain, p.

In addition, Chamberlain reports that nine Chinese sociologists have sent an "open letter to the media" that asked for an end to "regimented and restrictive work practices. The workers' frustrations at Foxconn have been so serious, and the deaths of the young workers so shocking, that anti-suicide measures have been taken at the workers' dormitories in Shenzhen.

Strong netting has been attached to the dormitories -- which are high-rise apartments -- to prevent workers from jumping to their deaths Chamberlain, p.

But there is a "dark side" to the making of all that money, Chamberlain continues. Interviews of Foxconn workers at the Apple sites reflect how bad the situation had become, and how far away from the concept of CSR that Foxconn had moved.

Csr in foxconn

The workers at Foxconn are only able to return to their homes once a year, hence they miss their families. In the crowded dormitories where the young workers stay most workers are between 18 to 20 years of ageup to 24 people live in a room, and the rules are "strict" for example, no hair dryers or kettles are allowed.

One young man who broke the rules was "forced to write a confession letter," saying he was wrong and will never do it again Chamberlain, p. This kind of treatment of employees is right out of the dark ages.

Indeed, the workers in many cases work more overtime than Chinese law allows; the law in China allows 36 hours of overtime, but according to the investigation workers often put in between 60 and 80 hours of overtime, Chamberlain continues.

And because the iPad is an enormously popular technology product around the world, and because Apple cannot produce enough to keep up with the demand, the workers in China start work at 8: One employee said the workers go thirteen days before they get a day off.

The Foxconn company has not responded well to the suicide crisis, Chamberlain's article reports, and that is an understatement. At first the company brought in Buddhist monks "to exorcise evil spirits," but later decided to put up the nets around the tall buildings Chamberlain, p.

It would seem the only evil spirits are those shown by Foxconn, not by the workers or some vague power that is unseen but powerful.

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When confronted about the suicides, one Foxconn executive said that students may be killing themselves so their families can "gain large compensation payments," which was seen as cynical and unsupported by facts Chamberlain, p.

In fact the workers were asked to sign a "document promising not to commit suicide" and also they were asked to sign a pledge that if they did kill themselves, their families "…would not claim more compensation than the legal limit" Chamberlain, p.

In another article on the problems at the Foxconn plants, Chamberlain reported that when a worker is not performing well, he or she is made to stand up and be "publicly humiliated in front of colleagues" Chamberlain, The Foxconn plants project they will be able to produce perhaps million iPads a year byChamberlain continues.

The journalist with the Guardian reports that Foxconn manager Louis Woo admitted that workers do work more than the legal limit of overtime, but he said "…all the extra hours are voluntary" Chamberlain, p.

Chamberlain quotes manager Woo saying that the suicides were not based on poor working conditions for the young people. It was a copycat type situation, he explained.

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In the Foxconn Web site the company claims that it places "…the high priority on Social and Environmental Responsibility" and that it focuses on "…the health and safety of communities around the world, education and employee empowerment, social harmony and equality….

The Foxconn public relations statements do not sound at all like the reports that are coming from employees and investigators in China.Suicide in Foxconn and New Challenge for HR [China] [subscription required] Author: Peter Zhu, CSR Asia.

Since late January , there has been a succession of suicides at Foxconn In response, Wang Tongxin,- Vice President of the Shenzhen Federation of Labour Unions, said the repeated occurrences reveal management shortcomings at Foxconn, and asked the company to learn from the lessons and.

AQA BUSS4 Section A Corporate Social Responsibility PRACTICE ESSAY QUESTIONS. Apple and Foxconn Stimulus Material Apple is one of the world’s leading producers of mobile devices with a strong reputation for product innovation and high customer loyalty.

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Business Essential and Legal Imperative ABA Section of International Law China Committee Cosponsored by Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. Everyday about employees goes on or off shift in Foxconn’s China headquarters in Shenzhen.

China Daily published an article written by Joseph Catanzaro and Cai Muyuan called “The dream and reality for young Chinese workers - Centre for Child-Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility. the Question of Real Commitment or Strategic Window Dressing and the Example of Foxconn [Ronja Sieberg] on monstermanfilm.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seminar paper from the year in the subject Business economics - Business Ethics, Corporate Ethics, grade: 1, 0.

CSRwire members choose from four levels of membership to best suit their needs and interests in the Corporate Social Responsibility movement.

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