Business writing coach

Or you have no idea where on earth to start and you figure a book writing coach can guide you on those very first steps.

Business writing coach

After reading only forty pages of the middle grade manuscript I'd been writing and rewriting for years, she not only mined its flaws but also offered impeccable advice for correcting them. Her ability to find the heart of a story is astonishing. On top of all that, Esther is kind, generous, and thoughtful in every sense of the word.

So let me rephrase myself.

business writing coach

Esther Hershenhorn not only has a gift, she is a gift to any writer who has the good fortune to work with her and know her. She has so many gifts to share with both new and experienced writers.

Her extensive knowledge about the marketplace will help you understand how your story might find a home. Importantly, she provides insight as to how you might re-VISION your manuscript, to help you see new possibilities that will improve and enhance your final version.

Esther will encourage you and support you with practical advice which will help you reach your goals. Her great skill is to help you see that you are not alone and adrift on the sea of children's books. For any port you want to reach, there are others who have sailed that route.

Esther introduces you to their writing so that you can focus on the story YOU want to tell, so that you can safely reach port in your own boat, flying your own colors.

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She gave me the confidence to believe in my potential as both writer and illustrator. She encouraged me to slow down and revel in learning my new craft, rather than rushing to premature publication attempts; to take the time to be the best that I could be, not just adequate.

And she still provides me with reading material and additional resources so I can continue learning on my own.

business writing coach

I have found her to be generous with her time, suggestions about time management and the writing life, and the nuts and bolts of the process of getting a book published. Her coaching encourages excellence, and her support shows me ways to be flexible and to deal with the inevitable obstacles a writer encounters.

Her energy and enthusiasm for the craft of writing and storytelling are authentic, tangible and, most importantly, inspiring. She may never know the full impact and impression she has made on the lives of the writers she has influenced.

I only hope that these words offer her a glimpse. We went looking for a Manuscript Doctor and found a friend to guide us on our journey. She never gave up hope and cheered us on around every bend. We cannot thank her enough for all the wisdom and continued support not only in getting the words right, but in the business end of it too.

She is nurturing and kind, and was quick to praise the strong points of my manuscript. However, she's also tough and honest with her comments.

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She pushed me not to be a lazy writer, and demanded that I dig deeper to fully develop every character and scene of my manuscript. She knows what she's doing; anyone looking for editorial assistance would be hard-pressed to find a better writing coach.How to Start a Travel and Tour Business; Starting a Laundry Shop Business; How to Start and Manage a School and Office Supplies Store; How to Start and Manage a Preschool or Day Care Center.

Awarded the Silver Stevie for “Mentor/Coach of the Year” by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, Lisa Tener is an inspiring book writing and publishing coach, author and speaker.

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Compelling and informative writing is crucial to your business success. Custom feedback from a veteran online personal writing coach will change how you communicate.

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