Agritourism and rural development economics essay

For the first time ever, rural communities can become successful for being exactly who they are.

Agritourism and rural development economics essay

Although tourism has the potential to impact rural economies, many do not have the local capacity or institutions to develop a sustainable tourism system.

Rural Community Trends

Agritourism enterprises offer a wide range of benefits to tourists, such as convenient, secure, educational, and amusing family experiences for visitors who are international, national, and Midwestern residents. Some underestimate the importance of PPR and its benefits because its impact is difficult to measure.

However, rural municipal and county park boards can facilitate tourism e. Hosting special events and festivals at park sites to attract tourists. Using park sites for sports tournaments, which may lead to major sources of tourism and economic benefits.

Agritourism and rural development economics essay

Attracting tourists to large urban parks that have memorials, museums, zoos, cultural and heritage artifacts, and historical Agritourism and rural development economics essay. Attracting tourists to parks with landscape planting and design that are recognized as living works of art.

The population shifts result from a lack of in-migration and the increase of out-migration, often due to the loss of local jobs. Continued suburbanization, urban sprawl, and agriculture productivity advancements have made employment smaller in rural areas.

Figure 1 Population Growth, to To combat rural population decreases, local leaders should consider the potential economic impact and job creation of agritourism. Agritourism How is tourism beneficial to rural areas?

Well-developed agritourism systems in rural areas have the potential to reverse negative economic trends by bringing in visitors and creating new jobs and local business ventures for rural residents. Although it will not create a massive amount of jobs in any one rural region, agritourism creates opportunities for individuals to financially sustain a rural lifestyle.

The trail, which launched in midconsists of seven Indiana wineries, which tourists can travel between, staying in bed and breakfasts, eating at local restaurants, and shopping along the way. Figure 2 Uplands Wine Trail Regionalization and partnering is also one way to combat the lack of a convention and visitor bureau existing in every county or an active organization that actively promotes tourism locally, such as a chamber of commerce.

Rural park boards need to take care of residents, and not merely focus on satisfying visitors, through programs and services that achieve both individual and community benefits.

Rural economic and community growth is good, but not at the expense of residents who currently live there. It works best when the entire community supports it.

The InRRDP is dedicated to helping communities help themselves by striving to achieve the following goals: Enhance community satisfaction and quality of life. Increase participation in community life. Develop leadership potential among residents. Satisfy the immediate unmet need for recreation programs in rural towns.

Local communities, the InRRDP, the IOTD, and other agritourism agencies can partner to use agritourism to stimulate economic development by working together to establish local and statewide partners, such as the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, the Lt.

Getting local municipal and county park boards involved is a useful strategy to develop agritourism because every locality has the potential to offer different activities. Depending on the activities available in each community, the level of participation by park boards will be different.

Conclusion If rural communities have the goal of enhancing their economy through tourism, local leaders should identify which agency or institution would be best suited to be responsible for agritourism planning and development.

In these cases, local leaders should look to municipal and county park boards to develop local tourism by initiating partnerships with other local, regional, and state agencies. Local park boards can gain assistance with agritourism development from the InRRDP, and local leaders can look to Purdue University Extension, government and nonprofit agencies, and agritourism producers.

As agritourism is developed, all local, regional, and statewide partners need to evaluate their roles and capabilities. Figure 3 Click for zoomable flash document Local park boards should begin to develop local capacity by having park board members gain training in park and recreation management and tourism development.


More information on this seminar is available by contacting Dr. Nathan Schaumleffel at or nschaumleff indstate. Park boards should then embark on community master planning for parks, recreation, and tourism and participate in regional planning.

Throughout this process, rural park boards should look to the InRRDP to direct resources and training opportunities from a variety of other government and nonprofit organizations, such as the Indiana Office of Tourism Development and other agritourism partners.

It is plausible that if more jobs are created in rural communities then more families will remain in rural Indiana. Job creation, economic development, and increasing the quality of rural life are just a few strategies that may prove effective when working to counter negative social, economic, and demographic trends.

Schaumleffel at or schaumleff indstate. Schaumleffel, Rural Recreation Development: Association of Indiana Convention and Visitors Bureau, Also in this Issue….Rural Development.

Rural areas are facing major challenges today which arise mainly from globalisation, demographic change and the rural migration of young, well-trained people.

The Agritourism Potential For Rural Development Tourism Essay. Development is critical and indispensable to the nutriment and growing of any state - The Agritourism Potential For Rural Development Tourism Essay introduction.


The chief end of each and every state is to make overall development of the state. Introduction to rural development, definitions of rural development, relationship between rural development and agritourism, definitions of agritourism, activities involved in agritourism, history of agritourism have been explained in item.

” Disez, () revealed represents and advanced activity taking topographic point within the model of rural development in Massif Central part in France, agritourism is the best manner for the saving of traditions and imposts in the rural countries, providing a sustainable rural development.

Rural tourism is about community and economic development. The reality for small towns and rural regions is that there is no money for business attraction.

The good news is that by building a tourism sector, a town is also implementing a business attraction strategy. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Short Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism - Short Essay New pedagogy St vincent & Grenadines Island is a small island with limited education facilities Primarily motivated students can easily start their own education.

Many people think of education as something that occurs in a school or classroom.

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